Advanced Topics in Communications Engineering

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Umfang3 SWS
SemesterSommersemester 2018
Stellung in StudienplänenSiehe TUMonline
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Teilnahmekriterien & Anmeldung


Graduates of this course will be able - to describe and analyze selected developments in information and communications engineering (ICE) in their temporal context; - to understand and explain the application of various methods from history on topics in the engineering sciences; - to recognize the influence of ICE on today's and tomorrow's socio-cultural environment and to act in a responsible way; - to respond to these questions in written and oral statements.


The ICE Age: Information and Communications Engineering as an Art, Science, and Pervasive Culture • The knowledge tetrahedron and the art of engineering • The Engineering and Technology History Wiki • Patents, privacy, and anti-piracy: From Gyro Gearloose to No Such Agency • Mechanical turks: From Wolfgang von Kempelen to amazon and beyond • Local history: From Nikola Tesla to BigChaos • The history of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT): From Carl Friedrich Gauß to WLAN • Mission communications: The rise and fall of Bell Laboratories • The archives of the Charles Babbage Institute: Oral history • Diversity in science: From Ada Lovelace to James Edward West • From Moore’s Law to More than Moore: A showdown of quantitative history and personal history • The mobile comms chronicles – An exercise in contemporary history • Pervasive culture: From Johannes Gutenberg to facebook

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen

Interest in the history and future of information, communications, and computing.

Lehr- und Lernmethoden

Vorlesung mit integrierten Übungen lecture with integrated practical Students will be encouraged to work directly with historical resources, archives, and personalities so as to prepare their own presentations for class.