Theses in Progress

Bachelor's Theses

The influence of electromagnetic waves on biological tssue

Automation of a breakout box for the Chinese DC charging standard

Implementation of quantized LDPC decoder

Generic Decoding in Rank-Metric

Analysis of Polar Coded Distribution Matching

Quantum Games

Master's Theses

Implementation of Polar Simplified Successive-Cancellation Decoder

Impairments in Practical Nonlinear Frequency-Division Multiplexing

Implementing a simulator for tracking Optical Ground Stations from the International Space Station

Machine Learning Algorithms for High Accuracy Estimation of Target Distances and Surface Reflectivity using LiDAR

Multimode Propagation with the Split-Step Fourier Method

Signal Characterization by Machine Learning

Machine Learning Based Blind SINR Estimation

Polar Codes over Fading Channels

Non-terrestrial Networks in 5G System

Polar Coding for Multiple Access Communications

Path-Loss Average Techniques for the Nonlinear Fourier Transform

Abhörsichere Kodierungsmethoden für Identifikation

Modeling Complex Communication Channels Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Simulation of Improved Staircase Code Decoding

Forschungspraxis or MSCE Internships

Implementation of SCFlip Decoders for Polar Codes

Complexity-adaptive Decoders for Polar Codes

Analyse und Simulation von Precoding-Verfahren in NR


Probabilistic Decoding for Deletion, Insertions and Substitution Errors with a Watermark-LDPC Concatenated Code

Locality in Repeated-Root Cyclic Codes

Generalization of LRPC Codes

LRPC Codes and Their Application to Cryptography

Identification for semi arbitratily varying broadcast channel

Efficient decoding of Reed-Muller/polar codes over binary erasure channel

Message Passing Decoding of BMERA Codes

List Viterbi Decoder for Short Convolutional Codes

Error-Correction for Partially Stuck Memory Cells


Reed Solomon Codes für Identifikation

Umsetzung einer frequenzselektiven IQ-Imbalanz Korrektur für OFDM Direct Conversion Receiver

Phase noise model of optical nonlinear interference

translation of coded modulation library from Matlab/C into julia