TUM's Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal for Nicole Rossmann


Nicole Rossmann was awarded TUM's Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal for her outstanding contributions as "Administrative Assistant" of the "Master of Science in Communications Engineering" (MSCE ) program, which is TUM's first international graduate program.

Ms. Rossman is responsible for all MSCE organizational issues, and is passionate about her work for our international students. Her work includes processing over 700 applications annually, assisting in the selection of 50 students, helping to settle them in Munich, listening, advising, comforting, and solving problems. She organizes an annual MSCE Welcome Event and the annual MSCE Graduation ceremony where students, professors, and industry partners gather to celebrate the successful completion of two years of study. She also keeps in touch with many former MSCE graduates who now have ​​careers in industry and academia. Ms. Rossman's outstanding commitment over many years has greatly enhanced the TUM MSCE program's international visibility.