Welcome to the Munich Doctoral Seminar on Communications (MSC) 2019!

The 2019 Munich Doctoral Seminar on Communications takes place on July 31st and August 1st 2019. The seminar consists of invited talks in the areas of optical communication and machine learning, student talks and several poster sessions. We look forward to seeing you in Munich!


Prof. Luca Barletta (Politecnico di Milano)
Prof. Reinhard Heckel (Technical University of Munich)
Prof. Werner Rosenkranz (Universität Kiel)

TUM Researchers:
Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Benedikt Leible, Christian Deppe, Daniel Plabst, Delcho Donev, Diego Lentner, Emna Ben Yacoub, Fabian Steiner, Gerhard Kramer, Haider Al Kim, Hedongliang Liu, Javier Garcia, Julian Renner, Lukas Holzbaur, Mari Kobayashi, Norbert Hanik, Patrick Schulte, Peihong Yuan,Roberto Ferrara, Sven Punchinger, Tasnad Kernetzky, Thomas Wiegart

Gerhard Kramer, Patrick Schulte

Workshop Program

Wednesday 31.07.2019
TimeSpeakerTalk Title
9:30Gerhard KramerWelcome & Quasi-Concavity for Gaussian Multicast Relay Channels
10:00Emna Ben Yacoub
Low-Complexity Decoding of Non-Binary LDPC Codes
10:30Lukas Holzbaur, Benedikt Leible, Diego Lentner, Peihong YuanPoster Session 1 & Coffee

13:30Luca Barletta
On the Information Transfer Through Split-Step Fourier Model with EDFAs
14:00Reinhard Heckelt.b.a.
14:30Thomas Wiegart
Shaping for Asymetric Channels using Polar Codes
15:00Hedongliang Liu, Tasnad Kernetzky, Patrick Schulte, Delcho Donev, Andreas LenzPoster Session 2 & Coffee
18:00DinnerBBQ with Fachschaft


Thursday 01.08.2019
TimeSpeakerTalk Title
9:00Georg Maringert.b.a
9:30Javier Garcia
Phase-noise model of optical nonlinear interference
10:00Fabian Steiner
Probabilistic Shaping for Unipolar PAM
10:30Julian Renner, Daniel Plabst, Haider Al Kim, Yizhao Jia, Lorenz Welter
Poster Session 3 & Coffee


Workshop Venue

The talks will take place in Room N2408 (2nd Floor), Building N4, TUM main campus at Theresienstrasse 90, 80290, Munich.