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Recent Journal Publications

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  1. "Coding for positive rate in the source model key agreement problem,"
    A. Gohari, O. Günlü, G. Kramer, IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, submitted May 2019
  2. "Analysis of massive MIMO and base station cooperation in an indoor scenario,"
    S. Dierks, G. Kramer, B. Panzner, W. Zirwas, EURASIP J. Wireless Commun. Network., submitted Apr 2019

Recently Published or Accepted:

  1. "Information theory for cellular wireless networks,"
    Y.-H. Kim and G. Kramer, in Information Theoretic Perspectives on 5G Systems and Beyond, I. Maric, S. Shamai, O. Simeone, eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, to appear
  2. "Sum-rate capacity for symmetric Gaussian multiple access channels with feedback,"
    E. Sula, M. Gastpar, G. Kramer, IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, to appear
  3. "Code constructions for physical unclonable functions and biometric secrecy systems,"
    O. Günlü, O. İşcan, V. Sidorenko, and G. Kramer, IEEE Trans. Inf. Forensics Security, Nov 2019

Recent Conference Publications

  1. "Efficient evaluation of asymptotic trapping set enumerators for irregular LDPC code ensembles,"
    E. Ben Yacoub, G. Liva, and G. Kramer, Int. Zurich Seminar, Zurich, Switzerland, Feb 26-28, 2020
  2. "Joint decoding of distribution matching and error control codes,"
    P. Schulte, W. Labidi, and G. Kramer, Int. Zurich Seminar, Zurich, Switzerland, Feb 26-28, 2020
  3. "Finite-precision implementation of arithmetic coding based distribution matchers,"
    M. Pikus, W. Xu, and G. Kramer, IEEE Global Telecomm. Conf., Waikoloa, HI, Dec 9-13, 2019
  4. "On maximum-likelihood decoding of time-varying trellis codes,"
    W. Li, V. Sidorenko, T. Jerkovits, and G. Kramer, Redundancy, Moscow, Russia, Oct 21-25, 2019
  5. "Private authentication with physical identifiers through broadcast channel measurements,"
    O. Günlü, R. F. Schaefer, and G. Kramer, IEEE Inf. Theory Workshop, Visby, Sweden, Aug 25-28, 2019
  6. "Joint state sensing and communication over memoryless multiple access channels,"
    M. Kobayashi, H. Hamad, G. Kramer, and G. Caire, IEEE Int. Symp. Inf. Theory, Paris, France, Jul 7-12, 2019